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Choosing an architect for your small project – How to go about it

Many people tend to imagine that their projects are too ‘small’ to warrant any professional input. Always remember that if you are tearing down or moving any walls or planning any new construction, it pays to hire an architect. Simply put, the minute you have second thought about your project or you start questioning your […]

To Use or Not To Use A Building Contractor in a Project

Most of my clients would ask whether it is necessary to use a building contractor in their projects. Well, its not always necessary, especially for small projects. But at the end of the day, someone MUST be the building contractor in the project. And if there is not building contractor appointed, then usually, the owner […]

Construction industry to record more growth

The construction industry in the country is projected to grow steadily and outperform all Sub-Saharan countries for the next 10 years. The growth has been based on the government’s huge spending on infrastructure projects like the standard gauge railway and the Lamu port alongside foreign investment flow. The market is, for instance, expected to grow […]

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